[rrd-users] Re: Adjusting Y-Axis for integers

Henrik Goldman henrik_goldman at mail.tele.dk
Fri Jun 16 09:10:26 MEST 2006

> What is the average of 1 and 2 ?  1.5, correct.  You start with
> integers but end up with something not integer.
> No, your assumption does not make sense.  Sorry, that's just the way
> it is.  1.8 is just the average of {0,0,0,0,9} and many other
> possibilities.

I can imagine many scenarios which is similar to mine:

For instance if we want to count the number of emails passing through the 
How would you have 1.5 email represented on a graph? You always know that 1 
or 2.
If there are only few values entered and the maximum count is 2 it would be 
better to
remove some of the horizontal lines on the graph and just print out the 
lines with round numbers.

Another example is like the following:

It shows the number of processes in the system. In this case is prints the 
numbers on the y-axis like I want.

How would I do that?

> If you want to store numbers and get them out again, you should have a
> look at mysql, psql, or similar.

The idea is to getting then out on a graph, not storing them.

Thanks in advance.
-- Henrik 

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