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Laura Jarvis lmjbtw at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 06:05:55 MEST 2006

We're really impressed with RRD.  Just trying to get rid of a couple of
error log messages tho ~ I've spent the last couple of days solidly trolling
through the web and rrd-users logs trying to eliminate these but no luck.
Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

I'm currently using php 4.3.2 (solaris server) to build the command, which I
run using shell_exec(), using rrdtool1.0:49.  Even though the command runs
successfully from the command line, and produces and displayes the graph
correctly via the PHP script, I was still getting the following error log

     ERROR: start time: There should be number after '-'

The start time was reading as:  "--start -93600"
The only way I got rid of this error was by saving $_POST['start'] to $start
and incorporating that instead of directly referring to $_POST['start'].
Having made the change, the above error message disappeared, I started
getting the following instead:

     ERROR: can't parse DEF
'usr=/classes/c0001abc/data/ms1_linux_vmstat.rrd:usr:' -2

Here's the complete command that I run using shell_exec():

/usr/local/rrd/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/html/graphs/ms1_LV_1d_avg_cpu.png
--imgformat PNG --title "CPU (AVERAGE)" --vertical-label "CPU %" --width 750
--height 120 --start -93600 --alt-y-grid --upper-limit 100 --lower-limit 0
--rigid --lazy --interlaced
AREA:usr#FFFF00:"CPU (usr)" GPRINT:usr:LAST:'%lg)' STACK:sys#0000FF:"CPU
(sys)" GPRINT:sys:LAST:'%lg)' STACK:idle#00FF00:"CPU (idle)"

Again, runs okay from command line, and produced the expected results
through the php script (with updated png etc), but keeps growing my error

I'm a newbie to PHP and RRDtool, so I'm bound to be doing something really
dumb.  Many thanks if anyone can help!


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