[rrd-users] Re: I am trying to work with rrd_* functions in PHP but the my PHP5.1.2 is giving Segementation Fault

Michael Bunk mb at computer-leipzig.com
Tue Jun 20 11:52:36 MEST 2006

Hi TR,

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 09:23, Thati Ravi wrote:
> Hai evrybody,
> (System Details:
>  OS : FedoraCore2
> PHP: 5.1.2
> php4rrdtool module  is configured.
> rrdtool is 1.0.49)

Which version of the php bindings for rrdtool do you use now?
The old ones that fit only for php4 or the new ones from Dave?

> I am trying to call the rrd_create() in my php script like this:(very
> simple)
> $opts=array("--step","300","DS:testing:GAUGE:300:U:U","RRA:MIN:0.5:2:200");
> $file="/home/ravit/test.rrd";
> $res=rrd_create($file,$opts,count($opts));
> But when it  ran from command line its resulting in Segmentaion Fault at
> rrd_create() function call statement.
>  And I have tried another way by replacing the $opts argument with the
> whole array(..) statement like this:
> $file="/home/ravit/test.rrd";
> $res=rrd_create($file,array("--step","300","DS:testing:GAUGE:300:U:U","RRA:
>MIN: 0.5:2:200"),count($opts));
> In this case rrd_error() is returning this :
>         can't parse argument '/home/ravit/test.rrd'
> (  here no segmentation fault)
> i hve gone through the USAGE file which has come  with php4rrdtool tarfile.
> According to that syntax rrd_create() accepts 3 args ( string,array,int)
> but here its ( I think) the first args not getting parsed as string.

Since Dave's version does not provide such file, you use the old bindings for 
php4 with php5. Start thinking!

> If any body  already using RRDTool in PHP scripts please send me some
> example scripts which uses rrd_*() functions OR send me some links for the
> same.

Note also that both bindings produce segfaults with apache 1.3 (a getopt 
issue). They don't seem to have any with apache2. SO which version of apache 
do you use?

Kindest regards,

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