[rrd-users] Please Help! I get incorrect results from RRDtool

Amir Baninajar pars40 at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 14:31:42 MEST 2006

Hi, I have been trying to solve this issue for sometime but without success.  I am quite new to RRDtool so any help would be greatly appreciated. 
I have a tool that performs a task and stores the result as INTEGERS (no decimal place) in an RRD file every 10 minutes.  The RRD file has 3 Archives as follows:

RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:144     <-- every 10 mins for 24 hours
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:720     <-- every hour for 1 month
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:144:365   <-- every day for 1 year

The problem is that when I actually look at the data stored in the first RRA, all have values in decimal place (eg 1.6366666667e+00 etc).  I know that RRDtool stores figures in floating point format, 
but shouldn't it have all zeros after decimal place instead of other values? The first RRA averages data everytime it reads, which means that there is nothing to average and it should store the integer as it is.

here are the create and update statements

create "TestRRD.rrd" --start 1146744377 --step 600 
(there some more similar DS statements here)

update "TestRRD.rrd" 1146744651:1:3:0:(some more similar values here)

here are some of the values stored in RRDfile that I obtained using fetch command for the 24 hour period


I would greatly appreciate any help

Many thanks
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