[rrd-users] Re: Getting the timestamp corresponding to MAX value

Kevin Elliott kelliott at dhapdigital.com
Fri May 12 18:39:11 MEST 2006

> I think it's a great idea.
> I mean it's very valuable information to have the time when a critical value
> has been reached. When measuring multiple observables it's even more
> interesting to compare the timestamps
I couldn't agree more! Without drifting from RRD's primary focus, I 
think that the ability to track peak values (accurately as well) can be 
very valuable. We're having to write custom scripts to track our values, 
count value occurance frequencies, and then draw ascii histograms to 
identify which values occur most frequently. This is easy and helpful 
when there are only a few values that occur frequently, but when the 
peak values are several hundred or thousand this because difficult to 
visualize. RRDTool's storage and graphing don't support unsmoothed 
values, so it would be helpful to atleast track values and times for 
particular number ranges (i.e. for CPU tracking, we want to see 
dates/times for all 90-100% occurances, or for bandwidth, any time we go 
above 1mbit). When you're talking about hundreds of nodes and 
potentially thousands of services, we start to see that we're tracking 
potentially millions of frequently occuring values, and this seems 
redundant to do it outside of rrd.

If we can't get rrdtool to prevent smoothing, it should be able to 
atleast store precise values of particular events (multiple events, not 
just a single max), and then tell us a little more about it. This would 
be invaluable, and help us correlate events across devices, networks, 
and services!

To end this off properly, we have the deepest gratitude for RRDTool and 
other projects that use it, and have saved countless hours using it over 
the years. Thank you!


Kevin Elliott
DHAP Digital, Inc

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