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Ford, Andy andyford at AGEDWARDS.com
Thu Nov 2 19:56:30 MET 2006

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> Ford, Andy wrote:
> is down, or yellow if the collector is down.
> >>
> >> You must enter some value, like 0 or -1 when you get a timeout.
> >> When the collector is down, you already get a NaN.
> >>
> >> Then you must have the appropriate logic in rrdgraph to
> >> handle those values.
> >
> > But if I try to put a -1 or 0 in, won't it get normalized 
> and get hard
> > to detect by rrdgraph?
> >
> Then put in -10e10, that should be significant enough :-)

Oh duh thanks, I just realized any negative number would work since my
data is all positive.

> But seriously, if your collector is down so often it is a 
> problem, what is 
> the usefullnes of the monitoring? Better fix that problem instead of 
> patching around it.

Good point, but not even my app is perfect so it does break a couple
times a year. 
Usually the problem is the server that the monitoring app runs on that's
lost or filled a disk, or the entire network is down, or the admins are
rebooting for a patch or...
"down" also often means "scheduled not to run". Since I'm measuring
application response times, many only are checked during business hours
or so.
In these cases having two different colors will assure the monitorees
that the monitoring system is up and not the problem.
Except, of course, when it is :/

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