[rrd-users] Re: indicate collector down on graph

rader at ginseng.hep.wisc.edu rader at ginseng.hep.wisc.edu
Thu Nov 2 19:52:26 MET 2006

 > >> You must enter some value, like 0 or -1 when you get a timeout.
 > >> When the collector is down, you already get a NaN.
 > >>
 > >> Then you must have the appropriate logic in rrdgraph to
 > >> handle those values.
 > >
 > > But if I try to put a -1 or 0 in, won't it get normalized and get hard
 > > to detect by rrdgraph?
 > >
 > Then put in -10e10, that should be significant enough :-)
 > But seriously, if your collector is down so often it is a problem, what is
 > the usefullnes of the monitoring? Better fix that problem instead of 
 > patching around it.

Ah, some might argue: If collection works 99.999% of the time,
then graphs that show that collection failed are *especially*

The rrdtool graph magic is something like


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