[rrd-users] Re: indicate collector down on graph

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 08:10:43 MET 2006

Ford, Andy wrote:
>I'm collecting some ping-time type data with a timeout and I want to
>differentiate on the graphs between collector failures and target
>Right now, if I timeout or if my collector is down I get the same thing:
>an empty graph.
>I need to have say, a red block in the graph data area if the ping
>target is down, or yellow if the collector is down.

How about keeping another rrd file and just put a zero (or something) 
into it whenever you put anything in the ping-time rrd ? That way, if 
your collector is down, this new rrd will have nan as well as the 
ping time graph - so you can simply draw a red block if the monitor 
rrd is nan, otherwise simply plot the ping time and have a gap if the 
remote host is down. This monitor rrd would need to have exactly the 
same sample periods etc as the ping-time one, and be updated by the 
same script at the same time (or as near as is possible).

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