[rrd-users] Re: DST beginner question

Daniel Tepas daniel at the-temple.de
Tue Nov 7 20:32:15 MET 2006

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>> I think you mean to check this width the rrdtool info command and
>> mean the lines: ds[input].value = 2.4367908788e+03 and
>> ds[output].value = 2.2502502781e+03

I do rrdtool dump and examine the output, but it should be the same,
so this is ok.

>> There are also ds[output].unknown_sec = 2 (and also for input)
>> values. Is this interessting for me? I think that means the
>> difference from the step = 900 value. Is this correct?
There is an option of how many unknown values to be tolerated in the
rrd. I think you should make the rrd file keep more relaxed. Maybe.
But then my "knowledge" is at its end... Maybe try with a rrd with a
higher precision than your measurements? Try with 300 secs accuracy
instead of 900, take a look at it. If it is no better than 900, delete
it. I'm a "try and error" man...

>> $value_out has only the output value $value_in has only the input
>> value
Thats fine, should work. Looks perfect.
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