[rrd-users] Re: larger rrdfiles (hugish even) and systemperformance

Ronan Mullally ronan at iol.ie
Thu Nov 16 15:00:43 MET 2006

Hi Martin,

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Boer, Martin wrote:

> I figured the impact on the system wouldn't be that big but it did, to
> say the very least. Using vmstat it seemed that the IO-bi value
> increased from a peacefully 50 to a staggering 25000. This cripples the
> system somewhat to say the very least.
> Is there anyone here who can give me a cheap way to increase performance
> while using largish rrdfiles ?

Have you considered storing the data in a SQL database (using something
like RTG) rather than RRDs?  This may have much less of an impact (updates
would just be simple inserts, with no need to update the longer
daily/weekly/etc intervals).

The primary reason for preferring RRD over this approach is the reduction
in the amount of storage required to keep the data (and the fact that
the space required is fixed at the time of creation), but as you're
recording so much data I think that may be less of a consideration.


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