[rrd-users] larger rrdfiles (hugish even) and systemperformance

Boer, Martin martin.boer at atosorigin.com
Thu Nov 16 13:57:40 MET 2006

Hi all,
In our current production situation we have approx 15000 rrdfiles created using the following values;
         $rrd_cmd .= "RRA:$rrd{$check}{cons}:0.5:1:300 ";
         $rrd_cmd .= "RRA:$rrd{$check}{cons}:0.5:3:3500 ";
         $rrd_cmd .= "RRA:$rrd{$check}{cons}:0.5:288:365 ";

What the endusers want is the following (very detailed information for a couple of months)
         $rrd_cmd .= "RRA:$rrd{$check}{cons}:0.5:1:30000 ";
         $rrd_cmd .= "RRA:$rrd{$check}{cons}:0.5:576:732 ";

I figured the impact on the system wouldn't be that big but it did, to say the very least.
Using vmstat it seemed that the IO-bi value increased from a peacefully 50 to a staggering 25000.
This cripples the system somewhat to say the very least.
Is there anyone here who can give me a cheap way to increase performance while using largish rrdfiles ?
I'm quite happy to implement a trick of some sort, be it by changing the rrdfiles or by requesting faster hardware, but
at this moment I hadly know where to begin.
The machine is a HP 380 using 2 striped 15K rpm disks and a scsi controller with cachememory so it should be able to perform quite reasonable. The filesystem used at this moment is ReiserFS.


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