[rrd-users] cpu usage please help

Mr. Suhas Ghosh suhas786 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 02:47:01 MEST 2006

 please some one tell me how to get the cpu usasge ?
 Is it possible from proc to get  it?
  I want to draw the graph of cpu usage of my machine. I am giving my
  DS design.
  So please help me how to  put  the  data  in to  it  from proc
  or any other way.
  I am not using SNMP.
  RRD database:-
   rrdtool create $rrd/cpu.rrd -s 10"
                  ." DS:cpuusr:GAUGE:300:0:5"
          ." DS:cpunic:GAUGE:300:0:5"
                  ." DS:cpusys:GAUGE:300:0:5"
                  ." DS:cpuidl:GAUGE:300:0:5"
                  ." RRA:AVERAGE:0:1:720"
                  ." RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:6:2880"
                  ." RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:60:2016"
                  ." RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:360:1488"
                  ." RRA:AVERAGE:0.3:4320:1460"
                  ." RRA:MIN:0.3:6:2880"
                  ." RRA:MIN:0.3:60:2016"
                  ." RRA:MIN:0.3:360:1488"
                  ." RRA:MIN:0.3:4320:1460"
                  ." RRA:MAX:0.3:6:2880"
                  ." RRA:MAX:0.3:60:2016"
                  ." RRA:MAX:0.3:360:1488"
                  ." RRA:MAX:0.3:4320:1460");
Thank  you very  much  in advance.
with regards


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