[rrd-users] Re: is rrd appropriate for my purpose?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Oct 13 18:21:05 MEST 2006

>How doesn't incerease?
>I.e. I will want to have a one year history and I will have no limit for
>rrd file size, so rrd file will be bigger and bigger, until it will be
>one year old, and then it will have aproximately the same size, no?

When you create a RRD database, you specify what RRAs to store - 
number of samples/data point & number of datapoints. The file created 
is sized to accommodate exactly this amount of data, no more and no 
less - all data points specified are present and filled with 
'unknown' values.

As you feed in data over time, the unknowns are replaced with real 
data, the file does not change in size. Eventually, when you reach 
the time span defined for an RRA, the oldest data it lost.

Also, I'm not sure if you realise that you do not have to store the 
full resolution of data for the full time period. For example, I have 
rrd files that store network traffic with 5 minute resolution for 2 
days, 1/2 hour resolution for 14 days, 2 hour for 62 days, and 12 
hour samples for 730 days (two years). This is the sort of thing RRD 
was designed for - I don't have to store 210,240 samples (5 minute 
samples x 730 days) to be able to graph traffic over the past 2 
years, but on the other hand I can't go back a year and plot a 
detailed graph because the data is no longer available.

What you sample and what you store are not the same, how much you 
keep is up to you and your requirements.

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