[rrd-users] Simple shell script nor working properly

VladoPortos vladoportos at bancodata.eu
Wed Sep 6 18:07:05 MEST 2006

I learning rddtools and done simple shell script, it works fine when i 
runn it form shell but when i put it to runn as cron job it want put 
data in db :(

here is the script:

#! /bin/sh

TIMESTAMP=`date +%s`;
OBRAZOK=/home/test.png #---------------------------------------------#

if [ ! -s $DATABAZA ] ; then
rrdtool create --step 60 $DATABAZA DS:teplota:GAUGE:600:0:150 

t=`sensors |grep Temp1 | cut -d"+" -f2|cut -d"." -f1`

rrdtool update test.rrd $TIMESTAMP:$t

rrdtool graph $OBRAZOK -a PNG --title="Teplora (Denne, v 5 Minutovom 
priemer)" -v "Teplota (Stupne Celsia)" --width=600 --height=300 
--upper-limit=150 --low$

echo $TIMESTAMP:$t

i cant get it to work in cron :( please help....

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