[rrd-users] RPN Question

Wesley PA4WDH pa4wdh at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 14:38:57 CEST 2007


Thanks for all answers.

I have Fabien's sugestion running now, but this have
the same result.
I'm on rrdtool 1.0.48 and can't really upgrade easy,
so i can't use Erik's VDEF method.

--- Sven Ulland <sveniu at opera.com> wrote:

> > if (value_of_ds != unknown)
> > return new_value+total_caluclated_so_far
> > else return total_calculated_so_far
> Yes. That is explained in the tutorial found here:

I have read the tutorial, but i couldn't get it going

> DEF:ds_one=rrdfile.rrd:foo:AVERAGE
> DEF:ds_two=rrdfile.rrd:bar:AVERAGE
> DEF:ds_three=other_rrdfile.rrd:baz:AVERAGE
> CDEF:total=\
> ds_one,UN,0,ds_one,IF,\
> ds_two,UN,0,ds_two,IF,+,\
> ds_three,UN,0,ds_three,IF,+
> Something like that would do the trick.

This uses a different approach as i use now, so it's
worth a try. But i have to say: I have about 200 DS's
now. Is there any limit in the number of elements in
an RPN expression ?

Best regards,

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