[rrd-users] RPN Question

Wesley PA4WDH pa4wdh at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 10:14:57 CEST 2007

Hi Simon & The rest :-)

> Of course you could start combining stuff, one way
> being by simple 
> substitution :
> total=v1,UN,0,v1,IF,v2,UN,0,v2,IF,+,v3,UN,0,v3,IF,+ 
> ... in=vn,UN,0,vn,IF,+

I think the resulting RPN expression was too long. I
just got the invalid RPN expression error.
> Or you could break down your running total as :
> t1=v1,UN,0,v1,IF
> t2=v2,UN,0,v2,IF,t1,+
> t3=v3,UN,0,v3,IF,t2,+

This works. Thanks very much !

Best regards,

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