[rrd-users] Problem fetching/graphing MAX values of integers giving floating values

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 17:17:45 CEST 2007

>I'm updating the .rrd file ONLY with values 0 and 1, every 60 seconds.

Do you ALWAYS update with a timestamp that is EXACTLY a multiple of 
your step size ? If you provide an update with is not exactly one 
step size after the previous update, and whose timestamp is not a 
multiple of the step size then there is some nomalisation applied and 
what you get out is not what you put in.

>Now when I graph the MAX values, or when I fetch them,
>Some values are 0 and 1, and some are between... like '8.1666666667e-01'
>Maybe I misunderstood something but I thought that MAX CF would keep 
>the Maximum value in intervals...

It will keep the maximum nomalised value which, if you do not follow 
the restrictions set out above to avoid nomalisation, may not be 
equal to any of the values entered.

And ALL values in an RRD are floating point.

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