[rrd-users] ERROR: Garbage ':27:36 2007 ' after command:COMMENT:Thu Aug 9 16:27:36 2007

Bitsch, Bernhard Bernhard.Bitsch at dbd-breitband.de
Thu Aug 9 19:20:35 CEST 2007


I think, that's not a bug but a feature.

You have to escape the colon (  : ) with a double backslash ( \\ ) if
you use RRDs in perl.

I just tried it and it works.





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Hi, I am trying to use LARRD a plugin to Big Brother system monitor from
Quest but I keep running into broken image links which when click on
give the following error message


ERROR: Garbage ':27:36 2007 ' after command: COMMENT:Thu Aug 9 16:27:36


I have searched for a solution to this problem and came across some
posts on the Cacti website which seem to indicate this is a bug with
RRDTOOL. The Cacti website has downloads for patches to fix this problem
on Cacti but I cant find any information on fixing this for Big Brother


Any ideas?




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