[rrd-users] Memory Leak in RRDTool

Luuwen Day lday at sourcefire.com
Thu Dec 20 23:47:27 CET 2007


I just want to report on memory leak of RRDTool fetch.
I ran valgrind on my test program and found there is a memory leak in 
RRDTool every time the fetch function get executed to retrieve data from 
RRD file.


root at orion-dc1:/usr/local/sf/lib/perl/5.8.3/SF# rrdtool -V
RRDtool 1.2.25  Copyright 1997-2007 by Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch>
               Compiled Dec  3 2007 16:21:47

root at orion-dc1:~/TimeSeries/utest# valgrind -v --leak-check=full ./run_rrd

==2478== 4 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 1 of 1
==2478==    at 0x4018823: malloc (m_replacemalloc/vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
==2478==    by 0x402CBAE: rrd_fetch_fn (in /usr/lib/librrd.so.2.0.11)
==2478==    by 0x402CAF7: rrd_fetch_r (in /usr/lib/librrd.so.2.0.11)
==2478==    by 0x402CA73: rrd_fetch (in /usr/lib/librrd.so.2.0.11)
==2478==    by 0x8049C9F: getCommonTimeSeriesData (time_series.c:405)
==2478==    by 0x8049E36: getTimeSeriesData (time_series.c:457)
==2478==    by 0x8049287: main (run_rrd.c:199)

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