[rrd-users] Generating images from webpages ?

bri at dmsave.com bri at dmsave.com
Thu Feb 1 23:49:01 CET 2007


 It's a couple of years since I've last used RRDtool - and that time it 
was on a MS IIS server... As far as I remember, I added a cgi handler for 
rrdcgi files (or someting like that), so that images were gerenated 
dynamically when the page was loaded (with some sort of parameter to 
specify not to update the file unless it last was generated more than e.g. 
5 minutes ago)...

How do I accomplish this with Apache on linux ? I've noticed the rrdcgi 
command, but whenever I try to load a page, that contains rrdcgi, the 
first line I see is:


I have added "Options ExecCGI" in the location parameter for the folder in 
my httpd.conf , the file is chmod'ed to 755, and ownership is 
apache.apache ....

Any help ?

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