[rrd-users] installing rrdtools on red hat EL4

Ulf Zimmermann ulf at atc-onlane.com
Tue Feb 27 02:21:46 CET 2007

> I am having trouble installing rrdtools on a red hat EL4 box. 
> I tried running ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/rrdtool/ && make &&
> install and it proceeds a bit but then ends with "could not find a
> copy of freetype2". 
> I downloaded freetype-2.3.1, compiled and installed it (or so I think)
but > the same error still comes up. Please help, thanks!

On RedHat such packages are divided into "freetype-2.x.x" and
"freetype-devel-2.x.x". You need also the -devel packages, which has the
include files, etc.

Regards, Ulf.

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