[rrd-users] Replicating part or all of rrd files

Marc Powell marc at ena.com
Wed Jan 24 00:10:45 MET 2007

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> Subject: [rrd-users] Replicating part or all of rrd files
> I will be setting up a Nagios server soon. Remote sites will generate
> store performance data in rrd database.
> I would like to replicate the rrd files on the remote sites with
> performance data to a directory on a central server. The central
> server will use that data to generate graphs. Researching the list, I
> one can pipe data from a remote server to central server.  I was
> of using cfengine or rsync to copy the files to the central server but
> thought that there would be concurrency issues.

I've been successfully using rsync's whole-file option to shuffle around
many rrd files for years with no issues. Same kind of scenario but with
Cricket. 5 data collection machines poll the data and update the files.
Every 30 minutes I the rsync the files to a central server for further
processing and aggregate display through the web GUI. Currently 32819
files and about 17Gb of data and have never seen an issue. I haven't
tested rsync's delta support with binary files but it makes me nervous
(probably unjustly).


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