[rrd-users] News about RRDtool 1.3 development

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Mon Jun 11 18:45:49 CEST 2007

Hi List,

In the last 48 hours I have added full cairo/pango support into the
rrdtool 1.3 trunk. It is all online and ready to try for the


If you like to sit and watch quietly, you might be interested in


where you can follow the progress of RRDtool13. If you have
contributed to 1.3 and I have not properly explained the new
feature, please update the apropriate entries.

If you are using rrdtool on windows, and you can programm, it would
be great if you had a look at the code, since there have been
massive changes, most certainly breaking a lot of windowsy
compilability ...


Tobi Oetiker, OETIKER+PARTNER AG, Aarweg 15 CH-4600 Olten
http://it.oetiker.ch tobi at oetiker.ch ++41 62 213 9902

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