[rrd-users] Migrate RRD database to another (data lost)

kormen kormenx at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 14:03:18 CEST 2007


I use RRD with Smokeping. In the smokeping list not respond my question.

My problem is, when i upgrade my smokeping, the smokeping don't start. 
The rrd-s step settings is different. the first install i put the config 
10 targets, with 300 step 10 ping. Several time later i put the config 
file another 10 server and modify the step/ping values to 60 step 10 
ping the smokeping accept this values and run.

I upgrade the smokeping. and the error "start steps mismatch to 
configured start 300 configured 60" if i reconfigure the smokeping to 
300 steps, another rrd-s drop me errors: "start steps mismatch to 
configured start 60 configured 300" So i lost 50% of my data.

Possible any way to convert rrd-s? or migrate rrd-s? I need this data.



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