[rrd-users] Creating monthly and daily datatraffic graphs

Erik Hensema erik at hensema.net
Tue Mar 20 13:01:18 CET 2007


We're using mrtg to collect interface stats of our switch and store 
the data using rrdtool.

Since we're charging our customers on a monthly basis on the total 
data transferred, I'd like to create graphs per month.
I guess this won't be possible with the graph function of rrdtool, 
since a month has no fixed length, so no interval can be given.

Are there any other graphing tools which can draw graphs per month, 
preferably bar graphs?

Also, I'd like to draw daily interface statistics using bar graphs and 
a prediction of the total bandwidth of the current month, based on 
the traffic up to yesterday.

Is anybody aware of a graphing tool capable of achieving this?

If not, what would be the easiest way to create such a tool myself? 
The rrdgraph manpage mentiones rrdgraph can generate numerical 
output, but doesn't explain how.

Thanks in advance,

Met vriendelijke groet,

Erik Hensema
Email: erik at hensema.net
Website: http://www.hensema.net/

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