[rrd-users] trigger an alert?

John Conner bs7799 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 18:41:04 CEST 2007

Thanks a lot, Sven!

Still fairly new to rrdtool and never used the "updatev" option, gonna check
it right now.

Do you have any documents handy on how you implement this? if you do, could
you point me the link?



I use the aberrant behaviour detection in rrdtool and I find
> it quite handy. To detect problems, i use the 'rrdtool updatev'
> command, which will output FAILURE=1.0 (different syntax), if
> it detects failures. FAILURE=0.0 if not. In other words, I parse
> the output of the command, and trigger alerts based on it. You
> should probably implement a wrapper around the parsing/alarming,
> so that you won't get flooded with mails/SMS messages every five
> minutes while a deviation is happening.
> Sven
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