[rrd-users] problem with update function

David Thamm dthamm at bfs.de
Tue Nov 13 15:04:54 CET 2007

Hi List!

New try.

I have a problem with rrdtool update. I have update in my c-program. If
I start the c-program on my self then write update my data in rrd.
When I start my c-program with crontab, than do update no write in rrd.
My rrd have the topical time-data but no modem-data.


#---------- Code --------------------------- #

name = "/home/user/699.rrd"
data = "699:11:22:33:44:55:66:77"

void db_fuellen(char *name, char *daten)
  char *update;
  int err = 0;

  asprintf(&update,"rrdtool update %s N:%s",name,daten);

  err = system(update);


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