[rrd-users] Can anybody give me big rrd-files

pascal.schoettle at stud.uni-duisburg-essen.de pascal.schoettle at stud.uni-duisburg-essen.de
Tue Nov 20 09:52:38 CET 2007

Hi all,
i am a student from Germany and am writing an article for a german
magazine about RRDtool and the abbherant behaviour detection. I did a
practical term this year at a company which offers IT-Security. My Problem
is, the rrd-files I wanted to do the graphs with for the article, are from
a client of the company I worked for. And they dont want theior datas to
be published. So if anybody can send me a large rrd-file (means with a lot
of values...) or the dump of a large rrd-file I would be very grateful.
There will be no comment from whom the data came, so nobody will be able
to detect anything from the data!!! It would be nice, if the data has some
kind of periodicity, because the abbherant behaviour detection works
better with these kinds of data. But in my experience, e.g the network
traffic of an big company, recorded for a week or a month has more or less
constant periodicity.
I will be gratefull, about every rrd-file or dump you send me!!!



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