[rrd-users] does rrd aberrant behaviuor detection really work ?

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Oct 3 09:04:43 CEST 2007

Hi Sylvain,

if you make that perlscript so that it is halvway presentable and
documented, I guess others might be interested too ... I will also
be glad to host it in the contrib download area ...

> I use rrdtool at work (cacti + some homemade scripts), and i have some
> constraints : what i do shouldn't be 'intrusive'.
> More precisely, rrd perl package is not installed, and i should not
> install it (don't try to understand, i have renounced my self :-/ ). Thas
> whyl i'm parsing xml, instead of using perl bindaries.
> I can't install some libs (pango, cairo, ...), so i produced at home a
> static binary of rrdtool. That's not that easy, since the
> --enable-static-programs dont realy work for now, and compiling some parts
> by hand (without the makefile and libtool) is required.
> If you (or someone else ?) think my quick and dirty perl scripts could
> help, tell me, and i'll translate my french comments inside.

wouldn't it be alright if you installed everything under a common
subdirectory ? because this is what the whole rrdtool install
system is made for ... you can even install cairo and friends in
that tree


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