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Lex ephedrine at rogers.com
Wed Oct 31 06:16:03 CET 2007

Thanks for the previous help, I've managed to get everything working!

Now comes to the time to 'beautify' the graphs themselves, and I would like 
to add a gradient to the area below the graph line.

In one case, the graph is a percentage, where:

- 0 to 60% should be gree
- 61 to 90% yellow
- 90 to 100% red

...with a gradient in between... for example, the Temperature graph on the 
examples page at that links to 
http://pampa.tche.br/temperatura/temperatura.cgi would do just perfectly. 
Unfortunately...I can't find any examples of how this is done.

Any guidance appreciated!

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>> I've a very similar issue. I've my data in two separate rrd file (these
>> are router if traffic). The interval are the same (rrd created by
>> router2.cgi) and I have two values for each 5 minutes (in/out)
> Assuming you have two RRD files, file1.rrd and file2.rrd, and each of
> these have an "inbytes" and "outbytes" dataset, then you can create a
> graph with data from both files like this:
> rrdtool graph somefile.png -s e-48h \
> "DEF:in1=file1.rrd:inbytes:AVERAGE" \
> "DEF:in2=file2.rrd:inbytes:AVERAGE" \
> "DEF:out1=file1.rrd:outbytes:AVERAGE" \
> "DEF:out2=file2.rrd:outbytes:AVERAGE" \
> "LINE2:in1#00CC00:Bytes in router 1" \
> "LINE2:in2#CC0000:Bytes in router 2" \
> "LINE2:out1#0000CC:Bytes out router 1" \
> "LINE2:out2#CCCCCC:Bytes out router 2"
> I.e. you just define the different data you want to graph, then you can
> add as many lines as you like using different colors for each.
> See the docs for the "rrdgraph" command for details.
> Henrik
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