[rrd-users] [Fwd: Re: Getting Started with RRD]

Henrik Stoerner henrik-rrdusers at hswn.dk
Mon Oct 29 13:32:37 CET 2007

> I've a very similar issue. I've my data in two separate rrd file (these
> are router if traffic). The interval are the same (rrd created by
> router2.cgi) and I have two values for each 5 minutes (in/out)

Assuming you have two RRD files, file1.rrd and file2.rrd, and each of
these have an "inbytes" and "outbytes" dataset, then you can create a
graph with data from both files like this:

rrdtool graph somefile.png -s e-48h \
	"DEF:in1=file1.rrd:inbytes:AVERAGE" \
	"DEF:in2=file2.rrd:inbytes:AVERAGE" \
	"DEF:out1=file1.rrd:outbytes:AVERAGE" \
	"DEF:out2=file2.rrd:outbytes:AVERAGE" \
	"LINE2:in1#00CC00:Bytes in router 1" \
	"LINE2:in2#CC0000:Bytes in router 2" \
	"LINE2:out1#0000CC:Bytes out router 1" \
	"LINE2:out2#CCCCCC:Bytes out router 2"

I.e. you just define the different data you want to graph, then you can
add as many lines as you like using different colors for each.

See the docs for the "rrdgraph" command for details.


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