[rrd-users] rrdtutorial not working

Dan Cech dcech at phpwerx.net
Fri Sep 7 13:32:24 CEST 2007

Tjerk.Kusters at imtech.nl wrote:
> I read that there can be a problem when using mmap/munmap on NFS.
> On http://nfs.sourceforge.net/ there is a part over mmap and NFS. According
> to the msync man page  you should use msync before a munmap.
> I have add 2 msync function call in rrd_update.c and it looks to help.
> #ifdef HAVE_MMAP
>                 msync(rrd_mmaped_file, rrd_filesize,MS_SYNC);
>                 munmap(rrd_mmaped_file, rrd_filesize);
> #endif
> Is there a reason that you don't use a msync?

This is a very good point, and what seems like a simple solution.

Support for working with rrds on an nfs mount would be a great thing in
several situations, especially if you have multiple collectors and/or
multiple front-end hosts all needing to access the same set of rrds.

What are your thoughts Tobi?


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