[rrd-users] Need a way to show 2(or more) lines on a graph that have nearly identical values

Andreas Maus a.maus at science-computing.de
Tue Sep 25 10:30:33 CEST 2007

On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 12:59:44AM -0700, Jack Tavares wrote:

> In many cases the lines have nearly identical values and it is difficult
> to see them.
> (2 of the four lines are not shown because the DS's are empty)
> http://jacktavares.com/rrd/unstacked.png

> I know that I can STACK them, but then I see lines that look like
> this
> http://jacktavares.com/rrd/stacked.png
> and it looks like the line above has a value of ~20,
> when in fact they both have a value of ~10
Of course. This is what STACKing does.
It "stacks" line #2 on top of line #1.

> doing them as AREA has the same problem.
Same as above. area #2 is "stacked" above area #1.

> Other than putting them in individual graphs, am I missing a simple
> solution?
Hmmm ... In this case (CPU utilization of 4 severs I assume)
I would use individual graphs.



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