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Adrian Koepe adrian.koepe.ex at development.easycredit.de
Tue Apr 8 08:56:24 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

First thank you for confirming me the missing specification of the TOTAL
function :)) I thought that i didn't search enougth the net :)

Before i deploy my application i have tried to test first and see how it
works if i updated the rrd in the future through a loop where updateTime =
startTime + step. Anyway i do have some problems understanding also the
function AVERAGE since for the following example the function AVERAGE
return/compute something different than expected:

create "test.rrd" --start 1207636256 --step 300 DS:test:GAUGE:600:0.0:U
RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:12:24 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207636556:40 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207636856:20 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207637156:60 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207637456:0 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207637756:0 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207638056:10 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207638356:0 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207638656:30 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207638956:0 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207639256:0 rrdtool update test.rrd 1207639556:80 rrdtool update
test.rrd 1207639856:0 rrdtool graph "test.gif" --start 1207636256 --end
1207639856 DEF:myTest=test.rrd:test:AVERAGE

It meas i have to update each 5 min the rrd and for 12 values i get one of
the 24 sample in the archive. That means if i write 12 values having the sum
240, then i have to get 20 for the first of the 24 values. Is wrong or
correct? Is a possibility to wrote the 12 values in the rrd and to get for
the 1st of the 24 samples the sum of those 12 values? If yes how? Could you
sent me an example? Thank you again.

Adrian Koepe.

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Hi Adrian,

My rrdtool has lots of problems with the Consolidation Function TOTAL and
with the use of the word NOW in the update statemet and I can't find any
comment on either on the webpage of www.rrdtool.org so I'm kinda struggling

My -guess- is that you're updating in the future (NOW+120) and fetching from
the past NOW-24*60


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i'm new to rrdtool - i know that my question has been put in the past at
least for several times and yes i read the tutorial/man pages - and i try to
do the following:
- read each min / 5th min a value, store it in the rrd and get the sum of
all these values for 1 hour.
- create the daily graph (in hour step), the weekly graph (day step), the
monthly graph (week step) and the yearly graph (month step)
- so based on the tutorial i've created the following files and results:

create "test.rrd" --start NOW --step 60 DS:test:GAUGE:120:0.0:U
RRA:TOTAL:0.5:60:24 rrdtool update test.rrd NOW+60:10 NOW+120:0 NOW+180:20
... rrdtool fetch test.rrd TOTAL --start NOW-24*60 --end NOW

the result is NaN for all 24 hours. Why? What did i misunderstood?!


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