[rrd-users] After compiling .rrd files are not created.

Alfredo de Bonis alfredo.debonis at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 15:59:28 CEST 2008

I have rrdtools with cricket in my platform. For all of the machines, to
make a compile, I created files. Rrd.
But for a machine in particular (Nortel machine of which is unknown MIB), in
making the compile, is not obtained any error message and yet not created
the file. Rrd

The log text for the compile comand is:
"[14-Apr-2008 12:46:13 ] Log level changed from warn to info.
[14-Apr-2008 12:46:13 ] Starting compile: Cricket version 1.0.5 (2004-03-28)
[14-Apr-2008 12:46:13 ] Config directory is /soft/cricket/cfg
[14-Apr-2008 12:46:22 ] Processed 7849 nodes (in 141 files) in 9 seconds."

According to the log that is, the files .rrd should have been created and
not created.

Thanks in advance.
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