[rrd-users] MRTG+ RRD tool + report of peak values in excel

Sam Stickland sam_mailinglists at spacething.org
Wed Aug 13 14:01:20 CEST 2008

Hi Irfan,

Irfan Azher wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have just subscribe to this mailing list and looking for answers for 
> following queries.
> 1) I am trying to use rrdtool with mrtg the problem is that as soon as 
> I add following line to my router.cfg file
> PathAdd: c:\rrdtool\bin
> LibAdd: c:\rrdtool\perl
> LogFormat: rrdtool
> the mrtg stop generating graph and start logging the values in the rrd 
> database but what i was looking for is both addition of values in 
> database as well as normal graph of mrtg which was it plotting as before
Do you mean you want it to log to the old file, and the new rrd file at 
the same time? I don't believe this is possible without modifying the 
MRTG source code, or simply graphing each source twice (once with 
standard MRTG and once with RRD).

Or do you mean that you want to copy the information from the old MRTG 
files (.log) to the RRD format (.rrd)? MRTG should do this for you 
automatically when you move to rrd.
> 2) I want to export values of database to excel kindly let me know how 
> to do so.
I don't know of opensource exporters, but RRDEditor at 
www.thetoolsmith.com can suposedly export RRD files into a format Excel 
can understand, I've not tried it though. Their website has changed 
recently, and there doesn't appear to be a link to RRDEditor from their 
home page, but the product forum is still running: 

Or you could look at processing the XML output from "rrdtool dump 
> 3) my rrdtool make a database per interface so do i have to make a 
> batch file for exporting values of all the interface to excel and how 
> can I export to same excel file using a batch file without disturbing 
> the results of previuos intertace export.
I don't understand the question. Didn't you just say you couldn't export 
to excel?


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