[rrd-users] rrdtool & NSLU2

Sysadmin sysadmin at advantages.fr
Tue Feb 19 15:09:13 CET 2008


I am trying to make graph with a NSLU2 running debian etch.
And the rrdtool graph is so sloooowwww.

I read that I have to compile rrdtool without optimizations, how can I 
do that ?

Or perhap's my script is bad...

Best regards

Here is my script :
# configuration
# repertoire de base de frogd
# frogd base directory
# programme, ne pas editer apres cette ligne
# graphique sur 1 jour
$frogdir/bin/graphfunc.sh 30

# programme, ne pas editer apres cette ligne
# don't edit after this line
let nbsecond=3600*$1
$rrdpath/rrdtool graph $htmldir/temp-$1.gif  -s -$nbsecond 
--title=Temperature \
          DEF:tempe=$rrdfile:temp:AVERAGE -v temperature\
          LINE2:tempe#00a000:"Deg Celsi" \
          GPRINT:tempe:LAST:"Actuel\: %.1lf -" \
          GPRINT:tempe:MIN:"Mini\: %.1lf -" \
          GPRINT:tempe:MAX:"Maxi\: %.1lf -"\
          GPRINT:tempe:AVERAGE:"Moyen\: %.1lf"

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