[rrd-users] Collect on one machine, graph on another

Kiss Gabor (Bitman) kissg at ssg.ki.iif.hu
Sun Jan 13 17:31:31 CET 2008

> At the moment I have one machine that both collects network traffic 
> data and serves up graphs. We're about to get a network upgrade and I 
> want to take the opportunity to split the functions - the graphing is 
> "useful", the traffic routing is "essential". I've had a couple of 
> problems in the past with the graphing consuming all the VM available 
> and almost killing the machine, and I have plans for even more 
> complex graphs !
> Applying the KISS principal, I was thinking of storing the rrds on 
> the gateway, exporting the directory via NFS, and mounting it on the 
> web server.
> 1) Are there any issues with doing this ? Any locking issues between 
> updates and reads ?

As far as I remember librrd cares with proper locking.

> 2) Any better suggestions ?

This page describes a solution to a similar problem:
Maybe you find it useful.



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