[rrd-users] XML format question.

Mike White mikewhite22 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 17:53:41 CET 2008

I have a large number of jrobin xml dumps which I want to restore to
rrdtool, version 1.2.11.  Running rrdtool restore fails, because the
version number of the data is 0001, but rrdtool only knows how to
restore version 0002 and higher.

I decided to see if I can modify the jrobin xml dumps so that they
conform to the version 0003 format.  The only obvious difference I can
find (besides the verison tag number and xff tag now being wrapped in a
params tag) are the new primary_value and secondary_value tags.  Can I
just set these to NaN, or maybe 0, and assume it will work the same? 
Or is there some other straightforward way to synthesize correct values
here, assuming I want to be able to update the rrd after restoring.  At
best, there would be no anomalies at the point where updates begin with
rrdtool.  At worst, I'd be OK having a bad archive point or two at the
point of first new update, as long I could be fairly certain that
rrdtool won't crash on the data.

I tried to figure it out myself by running rrdtool and doing updates
and dumps and examining these values, but it did not become clear to me
what primary_value and secondary_value represent.

If it helps, all my archives are of type AVERAGE, so there's nothing
too complex going on.

Mike White

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