[rrd-users] Problems building RRDtool-1.3.0

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue Jul 29 06:29:17 CEST 2008

Hi David,

Thanks for the c-yfication patch, I have applied it. My guess is
though that the problems run deeper.

Could it be that you are using a rather old copy of gcc ?

About the static build, did you manage to compie all the dependent
libraries statically as well ? I would imagine that this may be a
problem for pango since its design seems to relie on dynamically
loading script support files ...

If you want to create a 'selfreliant' version of rrdtool, I would
follow the build instructions on the website, this will give you a
copy of rrdtool, installed in a single directory with all the
dependent libraries thrown in too.

And uprade your copy of gcc and maybe the assembler too. Since the
problem you say most likely comes from a missmatch between gcc and
the assembler on your box.


 Yesterday David Masterson (damaster) wrote:

> Bernard Li <mailto:bernard at vanhpc.org> scribbled on Monday, July 28,
> 2008 4:36 PM:
> > Hi David:
> >
> > What OS are you trying to install rrdtool on?  If Linux, which
> > distribution/version?
> I've run into problems on two different systems.  One is an old 32-bit
> RH72 system and the other is a 64-bit RHEL ASr4 system.
> > BTW, rrdtool 1.3.1 was released -- you might want to try that to see
> > if it works better for you.
> I'll have to look at that.  The patch that I did would seem to be
> obvious in that it was essentially moving declarations from the middle
> of functions to the beginning of functions.  I would've thought others
> ran into that right away.  Which type of compiler is RRDtool qualified
> for?
> David Masterson
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