[rrd-users] Graphing integer data in Cacti/RRDTool

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Thu Jun 12 01:01:16 CEST 2008

I have been point to RRD-Tool as the possible cause of an artifact I am 
seeing in my Cacti graphs of a Cisco ASA VPN Connection Count OID.  If I 
understand what it happening, the squarewave looking graphs I had in MRTG 
showing the number of remote users currently logged in, is not possible 
with RRD Tool, because as the 5 min samples are taken, and an integer 
value is retrieved but more that 10 secs past the 5 min sampling window 
then RRD Tool will interpolate the value to what it could have been at the 
5 min interval.

Hence I have a very analog looking graph of my VPN User count with my 
current connection count being 3.2 users, with a high today of 9.83.

Is this something that can be adjusted in some way to allow this OID to be 
treated as an absolute interger?


Nick Ellson
CCIE# 20018
MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.

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