[rrd-users] rrdtool.update() in Python

Emily Chouinard cousin17 at msu.edu
Tue Jun 24 20:33:49 CEST 2008

So I've been working  on the python binding for rrdtool and after 
encountering some problems I went back to the basics, and used the 
example given in the tutorial to try to find what's wrong.

I've followed the step by step directions in Alex van den Bogaerdt's 
RRDtool tutorial in the speed example and have translated it into python 
but the rrdtool.update command is giving my some slack. I followed the 
example but python gives me syntax errors that I can't resolve. If 
anyone familiar with the rrdtool python binding could give a clue as to 
what's going on I would really appreciate it.  Here's my code, I cut and 
pasted it from the website, but I get this error when I run the code
File "redo.py", line 11
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

import rrdtool
import os
import time

    '--start', 920804400,
    'RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:24 ',
 rrdtool.update('test.rrd', 920804700:12345, 920805000:12357, 
 rrdtool.update('test.rrd', 920805600:12363, 920805900:12363, 
 rrdtool.update('test.rrd', 920806500:12383, 920806800:12393, 
 rrdtool.update('test.rrd', 920807400:12405, 920807700:12411, 
 rrdtool.update('test.rrd', 920808300:12420, 920808600:12422, 

         '--start', 920804400
         '--end', 920808000,             

I really appreciate the help!!

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