[rrd-users] MAX values dependant on width of graph

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 20:30:20 CET 2008

Richard Burton wrote:

>Also the value printed for the value MAX when you use GPRINT is the
>maximum value based on the data in the RRD and it is not in any way
>influenced by the data that is actually shown on the graph?

It is the maximum value of the CDEF you print the MAX of. That means, 
if you define the CDEF to use (say) an AVERAGE RRA then you will get 
the max of the averages. Also, it is over the time period of the 

To try and put that into perspective, most of the graphs I draw show 
averages - though some have an option to show max as well. So I will 
have two different CDEFs for each data source - one gets data from an 
AVERAGE RRA to draw the graph, another gets data from a MAX RRA. For 
the legend, I will then have two VDEFs - one "average of average" to 
print the average, another "max of max" to print the max.

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