[rrd-users] Graph Question - average of maximum's

Peter Hall peter.hall at acision.com
Sat Mar 22 23:24:20 CET 2008

I am a new user and have the following graph question:

I need to obtain the average of the maximum's that have been collected
over a period of time.

I have 6 RRD's that have been created with the following command, 1 for
each system...

rrdtool create statistics.rrd --start 1203393659 --step 60 \
                        DS:smh_da:GAUGE:60:1:U       \
                        RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:302400     \
                        RRA:MIN:0.5:1440:60          \

...how is it possible to generate a single number that is the average of
all the maximum's that has occurred over
a period of time. I have been using the following command...

rrdtool graph delivery.png --title "Total Delivery Rate (Test)" \
                           --width 1000               \
                           --height 250               \
                           --step 60                  \
                           --start -1d             \
                           --units-exponent 0         \
                           --interlace                          \
                           --vertical-label="Message Delivery Attempts" \
                           DEF:smvs41=$base/smvs41/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs61=$base/smvs61/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs81=$base/smvs81/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs51=$base/smvs51/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs71=$base/smvs71/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs91=$base/smvs91/statistics.rrd:smh_da:AVERAGE \
                           DEF:smvs41m=$base/smvs41/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           DEF:smvs61m=$base/smvs61/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           DEF:smvs81m=$base/smvs81/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           DEF:smvs51m=$base/smvs51/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           DEF:smvs71m=$base/smvs71/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           DEF:smvs91m=$base/smvs91/statistics.rrd:smh_da:MAX \
                           CDEF:total=smvs41,smvs61,+,smvs81,+,smvs51,+,smvs71,+,smvs91,+ \
                           CDEF:totalm=smvs41m,smvs61m,+,smvs81m,+,smvs51m,+,smvs71m,+,smvs91m,+ \
                           VDEF:smh_max=totalm,MAXIMUM \
                           VDEF:smh_min=totalm,MINIMUM \
                           VDEF:smh_ave=totalm,AVERAGE \
                           COMMENT:"                        " \
                           COMMENT:"Minimum Maximum Average\n" \
                           GPRINT:smh_min:" %5.0lf" \
                           GPRINT:smh_max:" %5.0lf" \
                           GPRINT:smh_ave:" %5.0lf" \
                           COMMENT:"                       \n" \
                           HRULE:13100#0000FF:"Site limit" \
                           LINE1:total#FF0000:"Total MDA"

...the graph is plotted correctly with 'total' however, the value
'smh_ave' does not represent the average of the maximum.

Any help to point me in the right direction?

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