[rrd-users] Data Mining: Correlation Engine

William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Tue Nov 11 06:32:54 CET 2008

Hey Fletcher,

It seems you have some very interesting ideas!

On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, fcocquyt wrote:

> I searched the forums without an answer - has anyone looked at a data 
> mining engine for RRDTool data? An example application would be 
> computing the correlation of different datasources in the set of all 
> datasources [...] thinking much of the untapped value of RRDtool 
> datasets rests in the analysis across the rrd files (eg wow, our online 
> transactions (sales) drop off dramatically with our backend DB latency -

> Anyone else see value in such a data mining engine for RRDTool?

It seems such an endeavor would involve quite a bit of inferential (as 
opposed to descriptive) statistics.  As I see you have a stanford.edu 
email address, I gather you're on top of such things. :-)  How would you 
propose such multi-variate time series data could be best correlated and 
statistically analyzed, across many user-friendly rrdtool deployments?

Very interesting -- I'd like to hear more about your ideas!

William R. Lorenz

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