[rrd-users] rrdtool performance on OpenBSD

Dan Farrell danstermeister at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 05:21:56 CET 2008


I'm a long time user of Cacti and MRTG, and RRDTool running behind them has
been a real help in my career- so first-off - thanks for great software!

I had previously used Cacti itself on CentOS and RHEL, and haven't had any
issues of performance at all- it works great.

But on OpenBSD, for the past couple of years, Cacti has been a horrible
performer, taking forever to output graphs. For a long time I wasn't sure if
it was Apache, PHP, MySQL, Cacti itself, or even RRDTool. But I just tried
to use the static image export functionality of Cacti, and I think I may
have finally narrowed it down to RRDTool.

As I'm sure many on this list likely already know, the functionality I'm
talking about is when Cacti creates the graph images ahead of time instead
of the default where it generates them on demand. But watching the 'top'
command I noticed that RRDTool is called directly when run this way
(normally you wouldn't see it as it's own process, you would just see
'httpd') and eats up 50% to 70% of CPU and takes an inordinate amount of
time to complete the generation of only a few images (like 20 main images
each with their own 4 detailed latter images, for a total of 80 images every
5 minutes.)

I realize that the problem may be OpenBSD itself, but I thought I'd give the
question a try here first- is there a way that I can 'tweak' RRDTool itself
after installation (or through a technique in a manual installation) such
that it will perform faster, as fast as I would expect it on the same
hardware running Linux?

BTW, I have RRDTool installed via OpenBSD 4.4's packages which is using
version 1.2.23 of RRDTool, and have used the packages installation in each
earlier release going back as far as OpenBSD 3.7.

Any ideas are helpful- and if anyone is NOT experiencing problems running
this on OpenBSD I would be especially interested in your particular setup.


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