[rrd-users] --full-size-mode destroy legend/comment formatting

Alejandro Galue agalue at sync.com.ve
Fri Nov 14 13:28:52 CET 2008

Hello All,

I'm using rrdtool 1.3.3 on Fedora Core 9.

I upgraded to 1.3.4 using (Fedora 10 Preview source rpm) 
and behavior is the same.

I created two images to show the problem:

Image A: the correct image formatting (no --full-size-mode)
URL: http://www.sync.com.ve/Images/a.png

Image B: Using --full-size-mode
URL: http://www.sync.com.ve/Images/b.png

As you can see, labels for comments are wrong when using 

The only difference between rrdtool graph command used in 
both cases is the presence of --full-size-mode.

I need to use --full-size-mode because I want to 
auto-resize rrdgraph png image inside a panel on a webapp.

Is there any workaround on how to estimate the image size 
based on how many legend lines, title, etc. ?

Alejandro Galue.

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