[rrd-users] Absolute values..

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Sat Nov 15 03:21:46 CET 2008

Gavin Landon wrote:
> Ok, I have something put together..  
> http://www.chizl.com/rrd/rrdissue.zip (1.3MB)
> script_log.txt - Has the create/archive switches used, all the update
> switches, and at the end has the create graph switches.
> test.png - chart that was created..
> min-max-should-be.txt - Shows what the MIN and MAX should be.
> 155-1-AvailPage.rrd - data
> It almost looks as if rrd isn't using metrics when it comes to the k,
> kb, mb, etc..  For example is RRD using 1000=1kb or 1024=1kb?  If
> 1000=1kb, then I see the problem, because I'm doing math based on
> 1024=1kb.   The smallest number ever added to RRD was 3547168768
> (3.3GB), the largest was 4120862720 (3.84GB), however in the graph it
> goes a little over 4GB.  Could that possibly be the issue?

man rrdgraph

  [-b|--base value]
  If you are graphing memory (and NOT network traffic) this switch
  should be set to 1024 so that one Kb is 1024 byte.
  For traffic measurement, 1 kb/s is 1000 b/s.

  afaik default is 1000


- Karl

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