[rrd-users] Absolute values..

Gavin Landon Gavin.Landon at ignitetech.com
Mon Nov 17 21:16:40 CET 2008

Ok, maybe that's why some of the numbers are off..

Here is one that is the simplest I can make it and let me know, if this
is the "Normalization" part that I'm just not understanding at the

There is never a number larger than "1" put in and most of them are "0".
However the graft goes up to 1, but seems to taper before and after
(only in some parts) as if there are decimals less than 1 in the data.

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Gavin Landon wrote:
> Ok, I have something put together..  
> http://www.chizl.com/rrd/rrdissue.zip (1.3MB)
> script_log.txt - Has the create/archive switches used, all the update 
> switches, and at the end has the create graph switches.
> test.png - chart that was created..
> min-max-should-be.txt - Shows what the MIN and MAX should be.
> 155-1-AvailPage.rrd - data
> It almost looks as if rrd isn't using metrics when it comes to the k, 
> kb, mb, etc..  For example is RRD using 1000=1kb or 1024=1kb?  If 
> 1000=1kb, then I see the problem, because I'm doing math based on
> 1024=1kb.   The smallest number ever added to RRD was 3547168768
> (3.3GB), the largest was 4120862720 (3.84GB), however in the graph it 
> goes a little over 4GB.  Could that possibly be the issue?

man rrdgraph

  [-b|--base value]
  If you are graphing memory (and NOT network traffic) this switch
  should be set to 1024 so that one Kb is 1024 byte.
  For traffic measurement, 1 kb/s is 1000 b/s.

  afaik default is 1000


- Karl

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