[rrd-users] How to create the rrd graph from non performance data(output)

Novin Jaiswal novin.jaiswal at ishisystems.com
Mon Nov 24 21:04:19 CET 2008

Hi Friends,


How to create the rrd graph from non performance data.


I have nsca client which send some count value to Nagios from those
count values I want to create graph.


Can any one tell me how to store it rrd database.

my data is coming like this.  I want to create the graph of the values
given below such as 138, 230, 92, 5,235, 1 (which is coming in as



1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||138||

1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||230||

1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||92||

1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||5||

1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||235||

1226534492||stage8.ishisystems.com||AllCOMPONENT PEGCOUNT||1||



Thanks & Regards

Novin Jaiswal

Ishi Systems Inc.






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